We make KYC simple, to make money laundering difficult

Whether bank, insurance company or real estate agent: As an obligated party under the AMLA, you make an active contribution to the prevention of money laundering. However, compliance with all legal requirements costs time, money and is still largely done manually.

Stop it! As ClariLab, we bundle the assets of SCHUFA and fino in a common unit. In this way, we combine the expertise for the secure identification and AMLA-compliant examination of the necessary information on legal and natural persons with pronounced development competence and networking in the financial world. And help you to carry out the KYC process simply, automatically and in compliance with the law.

ClariLab bundles the assets of SCHUFA and fino into a joint new entity. We are 50 percent data-driven, 50 percent tech-driven. This means we combine expertise in secure identification and AMLA-compliant verification of the necessary information on legal entities and natural persons with distinctive development expertise and networking in the financial world. What drives us? Curiosity, speed and no fear of big issues.

KYCnow ist die KYC Plattform von ClariLab

Our competences

KYC-Prozess digital und GwG-konform

Identification + AMLA compliant audit

To support obligated parties according to GwG in the complex and difficult KYC process, we offer KYC (Know Your Customer) services for the fulfillment of regulatory obligations with customer identification through automated data retrieval

Automate due diligence

With automated processes, we help obligated parties meet regulatory requirements and due diligence obligations under the Money Laundering Act. We automate the entire KYC process and provide a smart, compliant solution for obligated entities.

Revolutionize regulatory compliance

We support and advise obligated parties with our expertise in banking regulation, technical integration and innovation, and expert advice around money laundering prevention. Together with obligated parties, we aim to define and establish a standard within the KYC process.


KYC process digital, fast and target-oriented

KYCnow is a unique solution with which we offer and ensure complete automation of the process. Our claim: to always map the KYC process in accordance with the latest status under the Money Laundering Act. The solutions can be adapted to the individual needs of the respective obligated parties. Our service: With the platform we provide, obligated parties can maintain their KYC files completely independently.

ClariLab Mobile scan
ClariLab Antragsprüfung und Auszahlungshilfe während Covid19

Use cases

The use of KYCnow during the Covid19 pandemic

With the KYCnow platform, we are able to help banks review tens of thousands of requests for loans by businesses during the Corona pandemic. With the B2B Subsidy Credit Report and the B2B Subsidy Money Report, we give banking institutions and tax advisors access to the KYCnow platform and can help protect the livelihood of thousands of businesses and prevent fraud and money laundering.